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    Here at The Fuzzy Rabbit, we know there’s a good reason why dogs are man’s best friend. Our canine...

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Welcome To The Fuzzy Rabbit

Here at The Fuzzy Rabbit, we love pets of all shapes and sizes. We’re passionate about helping you give your pet the best possible care in every aspect of their life — regardless of whether your pet is furry, feathery, scaly or fluffy, you’ve come to the right place.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, reptiles and more — we offer expert pet care advice on an extensive range of topics. Need help grooming your dog? We’ve got plenty of great tips. Want to protect your cat against fleas and worms? We can help with that as well.

Our ever-expanding collection of pet care articles offers guidance on everything you need to know about looking after your pet. From training and behaviour to diet, health and pet play time,you’ll find it all here.

We know you want nothing but the best for your pet, so we’re here to help you provide everything your furry friend needs to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

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  • I Know How You Feel!
    I Know How You Feel!

    Many dog lovers swear that their dog knows exactly how they’re feeling at any given time. Does your dog pick up on your excitement when you get some good...


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