Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Pet Bird

Are you thinking of getting a bird as a pet? Are you unsure whether a pet bird could make the perfect addition to your family?

choosing a pet bird

Our feathered friends make wonderful companions, offering years of love, loyalty and friendship to the right owner. There’s so much that’s great about pet birds that it’s impossible to list all the benefits they bring in the space available here.

But if you’re wondering whether a pet bird might be right for you, let’s look at the five biggest benefits of owning a bird. After reading this list, you might just decide that a bird – or maybe three – is the only pet you and your family will ever need.


Why do birds make great pets?

  1. They’re sociable. Do you want to form a strong bond with your pet? Do you want an animal that will interact with you every single day, bringing much love and laughter into your life? If so, a bird could be the perfect pet for you. Birds are extremely social animals and as long as you give them the right socialisation and training from a young age, they can be every bit as good a companion as any cat or dog. Some studies have even shown that keeping a pet bird encourages social interaction, which in turn promotes good mental health.
  2. They’re intelligent. Although not all birds have a reputation for brain power, many pet birds are remarkably intelligent creatures – you just have to watch them playing in their cage or doing a little bit of problem solving to realise that. But the thing that really drives home the intelligence of birds is if you own a species that can talk. Many birds are capable of mimicking human speech and offering a whole new level of engagement and companionship to their owners – imagine getting home from work to ask your pet how his day was!
  3. They’re relatively easy to care for. While the ownership and care requirements for pet birds differ from one species to the next, as a general rule birds make some of the lowest-maintenance pets going around. Unlike a dog, a bird doesn’t need to be walked every day in the chilly winter air. Unlike a cat, your bird doesn’t need his litter box cleaned multiple times a day. Sure, there are still regular grooming, exercise and cleaning tasks you need to stay on top of at all times, but there are many species of birds that don’t come with a long list of “chores” attached. The best part about this is that it leaves you with a whole lot more free time to spend playing and bonding with your pet.
  4. They’re beautiful. Yep, we know it’s not exactly groundbreaking news to anyone with even a passing interest in birds, but it’s definitely a point worth mentioning. Pet birds come in an amazingly diverse array of species that offer every combination of shapes, sizes and colours you can imagine. They are simply beautiful to look at, and you might be surprised just how easy it is to lose track of time just gazing at your eye-catching pet.
  5. They live for a long time. One of the saddest, most difficult parts of owning a pet dog or cat is that they simply don’t live all that long. Saying goodbye to a much-loved pet after 12 or 15 years can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do from an emotional standpoint, which brings us to another great benefit of pet birds: they’re long-lived. Instead of leaving you heartbroken when they pass away after a few short years, many bird species live a very long time – some parrots will even live longer than you. When you bring a pet bird into your home, you’ll find a companion that will stay by your side for many, many years to come.




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