Perfect Products For Your New Kitten

When you bring your new kitten home for the first time, you want to be sure that your gorgeous little furball will settle straight into their new surroundings. While you’ll obviously be ready to shower your playful pet with all the love and attention they deserve, are you sure you’ve got everything you need to turn your house into a comfortable home for your new kitten?


Where will kitty sleep? What will she eat out of? Where will she go to the toilet? From cat bedding to litter boxes and everything in between, there’s a long list of essential items you should get before bringing your kitten home. Our new kitten shopping list will ensure that you have everything your kitten needs to settle in straight away.



Litter box and litter

You might not be too keen on thinking about the ‘business end’ of things when you’re preparing to bring home your gorgeous kitten, but a litter tray and litter are essential for keeping your house clean. Litter trays come in a huge array of shapes and sizes, and make sure to look for a good-quality litter that will absorb liquid and disguise any nasty odours.



Cat bedding

Just like people, kittens thrive when they get all the rest and recuperation they need. Your pretty little kitty needs somewhere they can feel warm, comfortable and completely secure, and somewhere they can retreat to when they need a break from the rest of the world. Cat beds range from the very basic right through to much more elaborate and expensive creations — choose one that suits your needs and budget.


Collar and tag

Cat collars can be simple and functional or bold, beautiful and outrageously cute — it’s up to you. A collar is also the perfect place to attach an ID tag, which could definitely come in handy if your kitten is ever lost.


Food and water bowls

A premium-quality cat food and plenty of clean, fresh water are essential for your growing kitten, so you’ll need bowls to serve them in. From plastic bowls to ceramic options and stainless-steel bowls, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to providing nourishment for your kitten.


Scratching post

cat scratching post



Unless you want your furniture to get scratched to pieces, a feline scratching post is essential for your new kitten. Scratching is a perfectly normal cat behaviour and your kitten will love giving his claws a workout, so it might even be worth investing in a couple of scratching posts for your home.




Cat carrier

Next on the list is a cat carrier, which is essential for taking your kitten to the vet or when you go away on holidays. Once again, make sure to choose a carrier that will help your pet feel safe and secure.


Cat toys

There are few creatures in the world as curious and playful as a growing kitten, so toys to entertain your feline and challenge her mind at the same time are essential. Toys can be squishy, crunchy, interactive and a whole lot more, so stock up on fun and interesting toys before you bring your new kitten home.


Cat food

Choosing what to feed your cat can be confusing and even daunting — there are simply so many choices available that it’s hard to know what’s what. Choose the highest quality food you can reasonably afford that has been designed to meet the needs of a growing kitten. If you need help deciding, ask your vet for advice.


Cat flea and worm control

Painful and pesky parasites can cause a whole range of problems for kittens and cats, so it’s crucial that you get on top of parasite prevention right from the very start. Flea and worming treatments are essential for kittens and depending on where you live, tick control may also be an important requirement. Your vet can advise you on the best way to protect your kitten against any nasty critters.


Grooming supplies

kitty litter


While cats are certainly experts when it comes to keeping themselves looking good, there are a few key items you can use to help keep your kitten in tip-top condition. A brush, cat shampoo and nail trimmers are all very useful tools to have.




Other essentials

Depending on your cat and your situation, you might want to look into purchasing a range of other items, such as:

  • A lead. Certain breeds of cat can be trained to walk on a lead.
  • Hiding places and climbing trees. From small boxes to elaborate contraptions, there are plenty of options available when it comes to creating a comfortable and enriching environment for your kitten.
  • These can be a wonderful tool to use if you want to train your cat to perform basic tricks.

Once you have all the essentials, you’re ready to welcome home the newest (and the cutest and cuddliest) member of your family. And with the right environment in which to grow, your kitten will develop into a much-loved and well-behaved companion.

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