• Dog Training Equipment

    Essential Dog Training Equipment

    Basic dog training is essential for every pet pooch, regardless of their breed. We’re not talking about anything too...

  • dog-obesity-feat

    Beating Dog Obesity

    Is your pooch carrying around a few extra kilos? Is he over-fed, under-exercised or possibly both? If so, he’s...

  • How to Groom Your Dog

    How to Groom Your Dog

    Regardless of whether you’re the proud owner of a Poodle, a Pomeranian or a Portuguese Podengo, your gorgeous pet...

  • ticks-and-your-dog

    Terminating Ticks

    The paralysis tick is one extremely nasty little parasite that every dog owner hopes their pooch will never...

  • best dog treats

    How to Choose the Best Dog Treats

    Everyone loves a treat from time to time — and the four-legged member of your family is no different....

  • Dog.

    Dog Dental Care

    Despite the fact that many of us experience nothing but dread when we think about going to the dentist,...

  • best toys for dogs

    Choosing the Right Toy For Your Dog

    Whether they’re young or old, fat or skinny, short-haired or scruffy, almost every dog loves play time. And play...

  • Medical Doctor Dog

    Worms and Your Dog

    From digging in the dirt to chowing down on the faeces of other dogs, our canine companions indulge in...

  • choosing-dog-food

    Choosing The Right Food For Your Dog

    Who would’ve thought that something as basic as choosing a food to feed your dog could be so complicated?

  • essential-products-for-your-puppy

    Essential Products For Your Puppy

    Bringing home a new puppy is a wonderful and exciting time. After doing all your research and finding the...

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