Top 5 Reasons Fish Make Great Pets

Choosing a pet is a very important decision. Not only does the creature you choose need to be the perfect fit for your family and your lifestyle, but you also need to be willing to put in the time and effort required to give your pet the care and attention it deserves.


Most Australians make the conventional choice to get a dog or cat as a pet – which is fine – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the benefits of some other potential pets, for example fish. Fish come in all manner of colours, shapes and sizes and offer a huge range of benefits that you simply don’t get with some other pets.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why fish make great pets.


Why do fish make great pets?

  1. They’re quiet and have minimal impact. A bored dog can bark and become destructive, while a bored cat can get up to all sorts of mischief. But when you own a fish, you don’t need to spend hours entertaining them or tiring them out. With the right aquarium set up, your pet fish will have everything they need to amuse and entertain themselves all day long. They also won’t disturb your neighbours by making lots of noise, which is great news if you live in an apartment. And depending on the size of your aquarium, fish tend to take up very little space around the home.
  2. They’re low maintenance. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate duty of emptying a cat’s litter box or cleaning up after your dog, you’ll know that cleaning up after some pets can be an extremely unpleasant chore. But while there’s undoubtedly some regular cleaning and tank maintenance you need to take care of when you have an aquarium, it usually pales in comparison to the list of jobs associated with some other pets. Unlike many other domestic animals, you also don’t have to put any time into training or socialising your pet to make sure they grow into a well-behaved member of the family. All the free time you save can then be better spent admiring your colourful and fascinating aquatic pets.
  3. There’s plenty of choice. If you’re just starting to look into the possibility of getting a pet fish, the sheer array of species available to be kept as pets can actually be quite overwhelming. Big, small, freshwater, tropical, striped, spotted – the choices are seemingly endless, so you should have no trouble finding a species that’s just right for you. However, it’s worth pointing out that each species has its own unique care requirements, from diet and tank needs to water quality considerations, so it’s vital to research your chosen species before setting up your aquarium.
  4. They have a calming effect. There’s something undeniably calming about watching fish glide peacefully and gracefully through the water. You don’t even have to be interacting with your pets for them to have a calming effect on you; simply sit back and let them do their thing. One study even showed that frightened dental patients who were exposed to fish tanks before taking their place in the dentist’s chair enjoyed a range of positive effects! Many other studies have shown the wonderful power pets have to lower stress levels, so getting a pet fish could actually be beneficial for your health.
  5. They’re simply beautiful. While looks alone aren’t the sole reason you should buy a pet, pet fish are simply some of the beautiful and most exotic creatures nature has to offer. There’s a staggering array of fish species that can be kept as pets, and they come in an equally mind-boggling array of colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you choose brightly-coloured tropical fish or something with a more understated colour scheme, a fish tank is much more than just a home for your pets; it actually becomes an attraction and point of interest in its own right.

If these five benefits sound like everything you want in a pet, start researching what it takes to own and care for a pet fish today.


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