Essential Equipment for Your Pet Rabbit

It doesn’t take long to figure out why rabbits are such popular family pets in many parts of Australia. Not only are they cute, cuddly, inquisitive, playful and downright adorable, but they’re also relatively easy to look after.

If you’ve decided to add a rabbit to your family, you’ll most likely be brimming with excitement as you prepare to get your pet home and start spending some quality time together. But before you can bring your rabbit home, you’ll want to verify that you have all the products you need to keep your new pet happy and comfortable.

Check out our rabbit product guide below to make sure you’ve got all the basics for your new furry friend.


What products do I need for a new rabbit?

The enclosure or cage you keep a rabbit in is known as a hutch. Every rabbit needs a comfy hutch to provide shelter and protection, as well as a little bit of room to move around. If the hutch is kept outdoors, it’ll obviously need to provide some protection from the sun and also the wind. Indoor hutches tend to be a little more open to their surroundings.

Rabbits in cage

Next, your pet rabbit will obviously need to eat and drink, so food and water bowls are a must. There are plastic, ceramic and stainless steel bowls available, so pick the type that suits your needs. You’ll need to make sure those bowls are filled with the nutrition for a happy, healthy life, so put clean, fresh water in one and a good-quality commercial rabbit pellet in another. Hay and fresh vegies can also form an important part of a rabbit’s diet, so keep your eyes peeled to our blog for some more detailed information on feeding your pet rabbit.

Although rabbits can be somewhat obsessive about grooming, the next item on your pet rabbit shopping list should be a soft rubber brush for short-haired rabbits, or a slicker brush or comb for long-haired breeds. Nail clippers and a special rabbit grooming spray can also come in handy.

To take care of your pet’s toileting needs, a litter box and litter should be the next things added to your shopping trolley. That’s right — just like cats, rabbits can be litter trained, which is just another reason why they make such great pets. You can use litter designed for medium or large cats as a base layer and then cover that with hay.

The final essential item you need to get for your rabbit is a pet carrier. These handy items are perfect when you need to take your furry friend to the vet for a check-up.

But while that’s all the basics covered, there are plenty more products you can get to help your pet thrive in his new home. These include:

  • Hiding boxes where your rabbit can retreat when he wants to escape the world.
  • Wooden toys to chew on and ensure healthy teeth.
  • Tunnels to run, play and also hide in.
  • Treat toys that provide mental stimulation as your beautiful bunny works to get the food inside


Top rabbit tips

  • Check the law. Before you buy a rabbit, check to see whether it’s legal to own a pet rabbit in your state or territory. For example, in Queensland it’s illegal to keep a rabbit as a domestic pet and hefty fines apply.
  • Handle with care. Rabbits have very fragile spines, so always use maximum care when handling your furry friend. Secure your rabbit’s hind legs so he can’t kick out when being held.
  • Scaredy cat. Many rabbits are timid and do not like being handled. If you’ve got young kids, make sure they approach the rabbit quietly and with caution, allowing it to come to them rather than crowding in on its personal space.
  • Health essentials. Make sure your rabbit is desexed and microchipped, and also make sure he is vaccinated against the fatal threat of calicivirus.
  • Essential exercise. If you’ve got a large hutch for your rabbit, he or she will most likely be able to get all the exercise they need each day just by exploring their home. Allowing them to explore your house — make sure it’s safe first — is also a great idea.

So now that you know what you need and the basics of looking after your furry friend, it’s time to welcome a new rabbit into your family and start making him or her feel right at home!

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